Bushwolf Obliteration Professional Camouflage – DVD

Bushwolf Obliteration Professional Camouflage – DVD


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Bushwolf® Professional Camouflage is the leader in camouflage patterns for digital printing.  This DVD is the Bushwolf® Obliteration® collection and includes a total of 198 camouflage images, with 11 high resolution non-repeating camo patterns in .jpg format.  What’s more is that we’ve also included five 4×4 badge graphics in each camo pattern, and five tailgate murals in each of 11 patterns and each in both compact and full size truck sizes. These are output ready camo patterns. Each pattern is 220″ x 90″ @ 72 dpi for perfect print quality.  As with all Bushwolf® products there are no royalties with outputting these files. Also included on the disk you will find a printable advertising poster displaying a swatch of each camo pattern.

Whether you are printing vehicle wraps, banners, signs or graphics Bushwolf® Professional Camouflage has you covered!  Buying pre-printed camouflage sheets doesn’t give you the quality you want, with seams landing in conspicuous places and the inability to add effects such as fades, bevels, text, or any other graphical elements.  You’re output can be seriously hindered.  Printing your own Bushwolf® camo in house will save you time, money and produce more professional results.

Bushwolf 3® Camouflage includes these non-repeating patterns and graphics:

  • Bushwolf® Obliteration Camo
  • Bushwolf® Obliteration BuckCamo
  • Bushwolf® Obliteration Buck Snow Camo
  • Bushwolf® Obliteration Buck Blaze Camo
  • Bushwolf® Obliteration Skull Camo
  • Bushwolf® Obliteration Skull Blaze Camo
  • Bushwolf® Obliteration Pink Camo
  • Bushwolf® Obliteration Skull Pink Camo
  • Bushwolf® Tallgrass Camo
  • Bushwolf® Tallgrass Duck Camo
  • Bushwolf® Tallgrass Pink Camo
  • Bushwolf® American Buck Tailgate Graphic
  • Bushwolf® Bow Reaper Tailgate Graphic
  • Bushwolf® Ringneck Pheasant Tailgate Graphic
  • Bushwolf® Buck Tailgate Graphic
  • Bushwolf® Mallards Tailgate Graphic
  • Bushwolf® 4×4 Badging
  • + more



Bushwolf Obliteration® DVD Collection

This collection includes:

  • 11 Unique High Resolution Non-Repeating Camouflage Patterns for use in digital printing.
  • Five 4×4 badge graphic styles in all 11 camouflage variations (w/ cutcontours)
  • Five full size truck tailgate mural graphics in all 11 camouflage variations. (w/ cutcontours)
  • Five compact size truck tailgate mural graphics in all 11 camouflage variations. (w/ cutcontours)
  • 2 Fully printable advertising posters displaying each camo product.
  • 198 Total camouflage graphic images.

Bushwolf Obliteration® Buck

Show the world what you’re all about! Obliteration® Buck Camo is the premiere lifestyle pattern. Bark covered buck skulls intertwined into natural woods add a new dimension to the standard spring summer and fall camouflage pattern.

Bushwolf Obliteration® Buck Snow

Obliteration® Buck Snow Camo takes our Obliteration Buck pattern into the winter. Snow covered branches and winter colors dominate this premiere lifestyle camo pattern.

Bushwolf Obliteration®

Obliteration® Camo is designed for total outline obliteration. Intense depth and large wooded elements recreate natural visual and peripheral optics into the pattern itself for unrivalled outline obliteration.

Bushwolf Tallgrass®

Our grassland pattern is clad in fall foliage and natural tan hues. Tallgrass® is designed to blend into its surroundings creating near total imperceptibility in dry grasslands.

Bushwolf Tallgrass® Duck

Tallgrass® Duck is a lifestyle pattern that appears as a more subtle wet grassland camo at first glance. On closer inspection you’ll see Mallard ducks taking flight.

Bushwolf Tallgrass® Pink

Let them know who’s behind the wheel of that jacked up truck or who just bagged that 20 pointer! Our Pink Tallgrass® camo mixes pinks, purples and blacks to create a unique camo that shows the world what you are about!

Bushwolf Obliteration® Skull

We’ve taken the traditional skull camo pattern to a whole new level with the Obliteration® Skull pattern!

Bushwolf Obliteration® Skull Blaze

The Obliteration® Skull Blaze pattern takes our Obliteration® Skull camo and twists in an inferno of blaze orange.

Bushwolf Obliteration® Buck Blaze

We took our most popular lifestyle pattern, Obliteration® Buck, and set it ablaze! Obliteration® Buck Blaze has safety orange flames twisting throughout the pattern making you and your gear clearly visible to anyone in the immediate area.

Bushwolf® Tailgates

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