Pro Designer Photoshop Training for Vinyl – DVD

Pro Designer Photoshop Training for Vinyl – DVD


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With the expansion of digital printing taking over the sign industry, designing for color output has become crucial to capitalize on the market. But the majority of sign shop owners are limited to programs like Flexi® and Signlab®. While these programs are great in their own right, they fall short in raster editing and therefore limit the sign shop designer from really excelling.

Pro designers the world over use Adobe Photoshop®. Many shops own or have attempted to learn Photoshop® only to discover the program is nothing like vector editing software and can be difficult to learn. With deadlines, production, installation and other issues consuming all of your time, there is precious little time to try to learn new programs, especially one as complex and powerful as Photoshop®.

Aurora Graphics® recognized this problem and produced the Pro Designer Training disk that targets Photoshop® for vinyl. These videos play right along with you as you learn key features and tools that apply to your vinyl business right now.  How-to books are frustrating and confusing.  Cut to the core of knowledge as industry veteran Dave Dorsey unlocks the mystery and reveals design secrets like never before.

Learn about:

  • Resolution
  • Changing colors of fills
  • Chrome and bevel effects
  • Opacity controls
  • Layer palette management
  • Drop shadows
  • Blending Fills
  • Use fills inside shapes
  • Gradients
  • Distortions
  • Erasers
  • Perspective
  • Selection Areas
  • Image manipulation
  • and much more!

This DVD Training will have you designing confidently in Photoshop® and make you wonder how you ever did without it.