Wrapture Full Body Wraps Volume 2 – DVD


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Wrapture® Full Body Wraps Volume 2 contains 72 premium images designed specifically for vehicle wrapping.  This designs are not only visually attractive but easier to maintain over compound curves and hoods that standard print fills.  Abstract patterns such as these are much easier to design with because they don’t have to line up perfectly in the transition areas to look good. The smooth flow of these designs also contrasts beautifully with text and logos making them ideal for both commercial applications as well as race cars.  Each design is provided at a massive 236″ long at 72 dpi!

These designs are provided on the disk in high resolution .jpg format and can be altered in any design program including Adobe Photoshop, Corel, Flexi, Signlab, Illustrator and Sign Wizard.

You’ll also find a useful .pdf catalog on the disk; great for reviewing design options with your clients!

Click here to view the entire contents of Wrapture Full Body Wraps Volume 2.

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