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Bushwolf Forrest Inferno Camo
Bushwolf Forrest Inferno Camo
Name  : Bushwolf Forrest Inferno Camo
Price : $95.00 each
Image Size : 220" x 90"
Resolution : 72 dpi
Format : .jpg
Don't bother with ordering and installing those preprinted camouflage patterns anymore. Print your own and save money! This Bushwolf Forrest Inferno Camouflage is 220" long and has no repeats throughout the pattern making a great looking wrap! Not only that but you'll be able to print it yourself allowing you the freedom to choose where you want seems to land, or if you dont want seems at all! Try doing that with preprinted panels! Download the Print Sample to see the true detail. This image is provided in .jpg format for use iin all mainstream design applications. Better than the leading camo know who they are!
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