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Tank Pack
Tank Pack
Name  : Tank Pack
Price : $149.00 each
Image Size : Multiple
Resolution : Multiple
Format : Multiple
This Tank Design Bundle Pack includes 2 different sets of tank tracks (image size: 220" x 64" and 206" x 34"), Rivets and Bullet Casings (image size: 24" x 26"), and the Tank Skin Background (260" x 98" @ 72 dpi). This design pack allows you to turn any civilian vehicle into a rolling tank with complete freedom to place each part where it fits. Choose the tank treads that will best work on the vehicle your wrapping and get ready to print your tank! Download the print sample to see quality and color assurance. ***To do an effective mockup in the Wrap Design Studio with the TANK PACK, do a search for TANK and select the individual tank treads and ADD TO VEHICLE. Tank Pack parts are available individually for mockup and purchase, but also are available at a great discount for the Tank Pack.
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