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Bushwolf Crappie Camo
Bushwolf Crappie Camo
Name  : Bushwolf Crappie Camo
Price : $99.00 each
Image Size : 220" x 90"
Resolution : 72 dpi
Format : .jpg
Underwater thickets of dark greys, greens and browns dominate a school of Crappie in this deep stormy pattern. An angler favorite, Bushwolf Crappie Camo captures the species' elusive camouflaged nature from the speckled hunter green vertical stripes to the spiny defensive fins covering the top and bottom of the lightning fast fish. The highly detailed imagery of these Crappie dodging and weaving through the underwater brush perfectly depicts the species' keen sense and sharp coordination and sets this camo apart from all others. Download the print sample for quality and color assurance.
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