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Essential Metals Pack
Essential Metals Pack
Name  : Essential Metals Pack
Price : $665.00 each
Image Size : Multiple
Resolution : Multiple
Format : .jpg
"Can you make it look like metal?" If every sign shop owner had a quarter for every time they heard that.... well, now you'll not only get that quarter but you get a bunch of his brothers and sisters too when you sell the job! The Essential Metals Pack includes 11 super high resolution metal textures that are built from the ground up for use in massive wraps, signs and graphics! Fill shapes or text, use for backgrounds or wrap any type of surface with cold hard metal printed vinyl! Each of the ultra-realistic textures is non-repeating and work great for enhancing any design in all mainstream design programs including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flexi, Signlab, Corel and Sign Wizard! Limited Time Only!
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