American Flag Ripped

American Flag Ripped


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American Flag Ripped was created using the American Flag image and is provided in PNG format. You’ll be impressed with the usability and print quality of this flag image!

The digital image portrays an immense American flag, filling the screen with its vibrant red, white, and blue hues. The flag’s stars and stripes are rendered in meticulous detail. Despite its grandeur, the flag bears the marks of its struggle against the elements. Torn by relentless winds, its edges are frayed and tattered, with long, jagged tears running through the fabric.

The wind is almost palpable in the image, its force captured in the dynamic, rippling motion of the flag’s folds. The stars, though still proudly displayed, are slightly askew, symbolizing a sense of resilience amid adversity. The overall mood of the image is one of strength and perseverance, evoking a deep sense of patriotism and respect for the enduring spirit of the nation it represents.

Image Size : 180″ x 73″
Image Resolution : 72 dpi
Image Format : PNG

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