Baseball Dent


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Have a nice car or truck? Why not make it look like someone drilled a baseball into the side? This transparent .tiff image blends flawlessly onto any fill or background when the crumpled edges are put into overlay mode in Photoshop. To see the effect in the design studio apply the image over grey paint on the vehicle. Download the print sample to see a full scale, cropped 5″ X 25″ image to see both print quality and image color. **NOTE: Aurora Graphic Design Elements are transparent .tiff format for the ultimate in color control, usability, and quality. Be SURE your design software will support transparent .tiff before using these design elements. Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw both support this format; others may not.
Image Size : 62″ x 55″
Image Resolution : 72 dpi
Image Format : .tiff
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