Bonus Side Flame 4

Bonus Side Flame 4


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Digital Fire Storm Flames are beautiful flame images for use in your wrap or partial wrap design work. Some Digital Fire Storm images are available in transparent tiff, while others are flattened. This particular Digital Fire Storm image has a black background by default and is not available in transparent tiff format. It doesn’t come with a cut contour and none is available. Check the attributes below for format, scale and resolution to determine if this file is compatible with your design software. *Putting this flame in Screen Mode (in Photoshop CS and newer) will allow very cool tricks to be done. If you don’t know how to do this, you may want to consider purchasing the Pro Designer 2 / Advanced Photoshop Training for the Vinyl Business.
Image Size : 42″ x 63″
Image Resolution : 72 dpi
Image Format : .jpg
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