Bushwolf Marshland Camo


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This realistic Marshland Camouflage pattern is provided large enough to fit almost any model vehicle without the need for re-scaling. Never buy the pre-printed rolls again! Save your money and print your own with Aurora Graphics! This image is provided in .jpg format for use in all mainstream design applications. Better than the leading camo brands…you know who they are!
Image Size : 220″ x 90″
Image Resolution : 72 dpi
Image Format : .jpg
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Keywords : Bushwolf marshland camo, outdoor, forest, camouflage, hunting, tree

Bushwolf® Marshland Camo

Marshland is designed for true green wetland concealment. Natural live hues and moss covered elements serve to break up the pattern and destroy any object’s silhouette completely. This pattern is entirely non-repeating making it excellent for large scale prints and applications.

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