Bushwolf Traditional Green Camo

Bushwolf Traditional Green Camo


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Aurora Graphics has the most realistic camo patterns on the market! This is the classic green camouflage. This file is large enough to cover most any vehicle on the road without the need for re-scaling. Excellent for jobs large and small alike looking for a military themed design. Better than the leading camo brands…you know who they are!
Image Size : 220″ x 90″
Image Resolution : 72 dpi
Image Format : .jpg
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Keywords : Bushwolf traditional green camo, army, outdoor, patriotic

Bushwolf® Traditional Green Camo

This is the Bushwolf rendition of the traditional disruptive pattern used by the US military.  The color palette includes tans, greens and browns throughout.  This pattern is entirely non-repeating making it excellent for large scale prints and applications.

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