Bushwolf Walleye Camo

Bushwolf Walleye Camo


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Over a dark background of browns, greys and low light conditions, golden tan hues mark the presence of Walleye. Broken up by darker saddles extending up the sides of the species these naturally camouflaged Walleye blend extremely well as they patrol thickets of water grass and deeply submerged trees and branches. All combined this is a stunning pattern for the seasoned angler who knows how to fight the chop and pull them in. Download the print sample for quality and color assurance.
Image Size : 220″ x 90″
Image Resolution : 72 dpi
Image Format : .jpg
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Keywords : Bushwolf Walleye Camo, boat, camouflage, patrol, water grass, submerged, trees, branches, fish camo

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