Engraving Pack 1


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Are you ready to get more out of your laser or router?

We’ve got what you need to take your CNC engraving game to the next level!

Aurora Graphics Engraving Pack 1, is designed for use with lasers and routers to create signage, carvings, molds for vacuum forming and epoxy pouring.

Engraving Pack 1 contains 13 sign blank borders in 7 different profiles each, plus 120 assorted Design Elements for a total of 211 images!
Each provided as a transparent .PNG files for compatibility across all design programs.

Included as design elements in this pack are barbed wire, chain, knurling for handles and gun stocks, rope, and much more! CLICK HERE FOR PDF

Because these images are provided as design elements, it is very easy to create custom pieces for a wide range of applications.
Engraved Cabinetry, Carved Entry Doors, Signage, Custom Tables, Banisters and anything else you may use a router or laser for.

Each image is provided at over 50 in, in width at 300 DPI! This is as large as the computer programs we are using will render the images in this pack (over 15,000 pixels in the longest dimension). This means that the resolution that you can get from one of these images is as high as technologically possible with current software and computing power. There is a PDF catalog available here to see everything available in the pack.

From custom cabinets, front doors and signage, to vacuum molds and epoxy pours, this extremely versatile pack will take your engraving to another level!

Each image is provided in .png file format in order to be compatible with all design programs and maintain a transparent background.