4 thoughts on “Photoshop Color Changing Basics and Color Management

  1. Kevin Horton says:

    So in order to get greay I have to alter every file gray specific to get my printer to print an actual gray rather than green. So I can tweek the magenta in the lows and highs? to get a nice rosey rather than green Gray? Id Prefer rosey over this Gray Green.. Seems like spot colors print gray too. There has got to be an answer. after reading and reading i found my settings should be set at abobe Sme 3 I did that.

    I plan on sing metal fills in the future id on’t want this to be a never ending war. Crate files and fills that are slate blues or dark magenta’s. from lights to darks?

    • Dave Dorsey says:

      Hi Kevin,
      I recommend you contact the printer mfg. and ask why your color is off. We know what the color space of the image should be going into the RIP, but what comes out the other end is not in our wheelhouse. Wish you the best of luck with the color issue. I do know gray is the toughest color for nearly all inkjet printers, no matter the brand.

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